10 Body Language Signs That Mean Someone Is Attracted to You

Eye Contact: They maintain prolonged eye contact, often with dilated pupils, indicating interest and attraction.

Smiling: Genuine smiles, especially those that involve the eyes (known as Duchenne smiles), suggest happiness and attraction.

Mirroring: They unconsciously mimic your gestures, posture, or expressions, a sign of rapport and connection.

Leaning In: They lean towards you during conversations, indicating engagement and interest in what you're saying.

Touching: Light, casual touches on the arm, shoulder, or back can signify attraction and comfort.

Open Body Language: They have relaxed, open body language with arms uncrossed, facing towards you, and minimal barriers.

Fidgeting: Nervous fidgeting or preening behaviors, like adjusting clothing or hair, can indicate attraction and self-consciousness around you.

Proximity: They seek opportunities to be physically close to you, such as sitting or standing near you even when not necessary.