10 Funniest Far Side Comics Starring Elephants

Elephant at a Bar: An elephant is sitting at a bar with a tiny stool, looking rather out of place among regular-sized patrons.

Elephant in a Mouse Trap: A massive elephant is caught in a mouse trap, looking bewildered by the situation.

Elephant Car Wash: A line of elephants is going through a car wash designed for regular-sized vehicles, with hilarious results.

Elephant Doctor Visit: An elephant is sitting in a doctor's office, struggling to fit through the door, while the doctor looks stunned.

Elephant on a Diving Board: An elephant is standing on a diving board, hesitating to jump into a tiny pool far below

Elephant on a Seesaw: An elephant and a mouse are on opposite ends of a seesaw, with the mouse launching the elephant into the sky.

Elephant with a Tiny Umbrella: It's raining heavily, and an elephant is using a comically small umbrella that barely covers its head.

1. Elephant in a Phone Booth: A large elephant is crammed into a phone booth, struggling to make a call.