8 Least Expensive States To Buy a Car


Oregon tops the list when it comes to car affordability. Having no sales tax makes a huge difference but so too does the extremely low amount of dealer fees, which are the second-lowest in the country.


Montana car buyers benefit from the double whammy of 0% sales tax and extremely low dealer fees, which rank the third-lowest in the nation.

New Hampshire

Dealer fees are well below average in New Hampshire, but they still crack the four-digit level.


The average car price is more than 20% above the national average in Alaska.


Delaware is one of just four states in the country that have no sales tax on car purchases, helping explain why the state ranks in the top five.


Perhaps surprisingly, Hawaii actually has cars that are priced 3.58% below the national average.


Virginia’s sales taxes are moderate, but car prices are right in line with national averages, coming in just 0.42% above.


Dealer fees in Wisconsin are the highest in the top 10, but they’re still quite affordable on a national basis. Coupled with car prices just 1.30% above the national average and moderate sales taxes, Wisconsin makes it into the top eight.

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