10 Sneaky Causes of Acne You Might Not Expect

1. Hair Products

Styling gels, oils, and conditioners can clog hairline and forehead pores, causing "pomade acne."

2. Dietary Factors

Sugary snacks, white bread, and processed foods can raise insulin levels, which can increase oil production and inflammation, causing acne.

3.  Medications

Corticosteroids, birth control pills, and lithium-containing medicines might cause acne owing to hormone or skin irritation.

4. Dehydration

Skin health can be affected by dehydration. Dehydrated skin produces extra oil to compensate, which can clog pores and cause acne.

5. Wearing Tight Clothing

Non-breathable tight clothing can trap perspiration and bacteria against the skin, causing acne.

6. Frequent Face Touching

Unwashed hands can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria to the skin, producing outbreaks or worsening acne.

7. Environmental factors

Pollution and environmental aggressors can cause skin irritation and clogged pores, causing acne, especially in severely polluted locations.

8. Lack of Sleep

Insufficient sleep can affect hormone levels and elevate stress, which can cause inflammation and acne.

9. Excessive Exfoliation

Over-exfoliation can strip the skin of its natural oils and disturb the skin barrier, causing oil production and acne flare-ups.

10. Stress and anxiety

Hormonal changes caused by stress increase oil production and inflammation, which contribute to acne.

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