12 Items That Are Cheap to Produce But Are Crazy Expensive

Bottled Water

The cost of producing bottled water is low, yet it's sold at a significantly higher price due to branding and packaging.

Prescription Drugs

Many pharmaceuticals have relatively low production costs, but patents and monopolies can drive up their prices.

Designer Clothing

The actual cost of manufacturing designer clothing may not be very high, but the brand name and exclusivity justify the high price.


Diamonds have a relatively abundant supply, but controlled distribution and marketing create a perception of scarcity, driving up prices.

Greeting Cards

The production of greeting cards is inexpensive, but their emotional value and convenience justify their high price.

Popcorn at Movie Theaters

Popcorn's raw materials are inexpensive, but movie theaters mark up the price significantly as part of their business model.

Printer Ink

Printer ink is known to be one of the most expensive liquids in the world, despite being relatively cheap to produce.


Coffee beans themselves may be reasonably priced, but the cost increases substantially when it's sold as a brewed beverage in cafes and restaurants.