12 Phrases Respectful People Wouldn’t Dream Of Saying

"You're wrong." - This phrase can come across as dismissive and disrespectful, implying that the other person's perspective.

"I told you so." - Saying this can be seen as rubbing someone's mistake or misfortune in their face

"That's not my problem." - This phrase can convey a lack of empathy or willingness to help others.

"You always..." - Using this phrase can generalize someone's behavior in a negative way, which can be hurtful and unfair.

"You never..." - Similar to "You always," this phrase makes sweeping generalizations about someone's behavior.

"That's stupid." - Calling someone's ideas or opinions "stupid" is disrespectful and can shut down meaningful conversation.

"Why can't you be more like..." - Comparing someone to others in a negative light can be demoralizing and create feelings of inadequacy.

"I don't care." - This phrase dismisses the importance of someone else's thoughts, feelings, or concerns.