12 Foods You Probably Shouldn't Pickle

Asian Pear

Asian pears taste tart and sweet with a dash of ginger and lemon juice. Pickled pears taste great alone, with strong cheese, or in a salad. Peaches and plums work too. Pickle any underripe fruit.


Instead than waiting for an avocado to ripen, pickle it. Pickled avocados are fantastic for burritos, nachos, sandwiches, and tacos. For a fresh, tangy brine, add cilantro sprigs, crushed red pepper flakes, and chopped garlic.


Are you crazy about blueberries? Try pickling them. Clean them thoroughly before submerging them in a salty brine. For a sweeter taste, add extra ingredients besides salt, such as red pepper, red wine vinegar, or straight-up sugar.


Cherry pickles are also great. Pickling cherries made them even better. Pickled cherries enhance homemade chicken salads and charcuterie boards. They make homemade cocktails, lemonades, and craft cocktails quickly. Grapes work too!


Pickling corn? You can. Pickling sweet summer corn turns it into corn relish, a wonderful summertime treat. To keep fresh corn crisp, cut it off the cob and immerse it in warm pickle brine. Viola!

Green Tomatoes

Versatile green tomatoes. Pickling transforms a classic. Green tomatoes absorb brine and add tartness to sandwiches. Pickled green tomatoes are a fun alternative to pickle relish and a stylish Bloody Mary garnish. Cheers! Pickle cherry tomatoes.


Mangos are another fruit that can be pickled, in addition to dried mango fruit leather and fresh mangos. Pickled mangoes are sweet and tart, and they pair well with fish tacos and fresh salads.


Like mangos, most people like pineapple dried or fresh, but pickled pineapple sweetens salads and sandwiches. Add cilantro, jalapeño, and rice vinegar to your pickled pineapple for a slight kick. Heat and sugar, anyone?


Pickled pumpkin? Five times. Pickled pumpkin tastes strong with cinnamon, spice, garlic, and habanero pepper. Ginger or jalapeño can mildly pickle pumpkin. Use it in fall salads or cocktails. Gourmet appetizers include crackers or crostini and mild cheese.


You didn't know shrimp could be pickled, did you? Poaching and soaking in a basic pickle brine makes this Southern favorite a summer picnic staple. The end!


Did you go strawberry picking and now have too many strawberries? Use them for pickling. Pickled strawberries provide tang to summer salads and cocktails. They're great on their own or with a nice cheese.

Watermelon Rinds

You probably didn't know you could pickle watermelon rinds. The tough green rind must be removed, but the meaty white sections can be pickled. Mix salt, sugar, vinegar, and any other spices to make a salty-sweet summery snack.