20 Red Flags That Scream 'Run' When Dining At A Restaurant

Visible dirt, unclean tables, or unkempt restrooms are signs of poor hygiene practices and can indicate potential food safety risks.

Unsanitary Conditions

A strong, unpleasant smell in the dining area or restroom could indicate sanitation issues or poor ventilation.

Strong Odors

If the restaurant is usually busy but appears deserted, it might be a sign that locals know something you don't.

Empty Restaurant

Excessive waiting times for food or service might suggest understaffing or poor management.

Long Wait Times

A lack of variety or a menu that hasn't been updated for a long time may indicate issues with freshness and quality.

Limited or Outdated Menu

Disinterested or rude staff can negatively impact your dining experience and may reflect the overall attitude of the restaurant.

Unresponsive or Rude Staff

Inconsistency in pricing or surprise charges on the bill could signal dishonest practices.

Inconsistent Pricing

If the menu lacks detailed descriptions of dishes or the staff can't explain them, it might indicate a lack of knowledge or attention to the food they serve.

Unclear Food Descriptions