7 Flirty Emojis to Send When Talking to Your Crush

😊 Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes: A friendly and warm emoji to convey happiness and positivity.

😍 Heart Eyes: Indicates admiration, affection, or being captivated by someone's attractiveness.

😘 Face Blowing a Kiss: A playful and flirty way to send virtual kisses to your crush.

😉 Winking Face: Adds a subtle hint of flirtation and suggests a shared secret or inside joke.

🌹 Rose: Symbolizes romance and can be a sweet gesture to express your feelings.

😏 Smirking Face: Implies playfulness, teasing, or a bit of mischief in a flirty context.

💕 Two Hearts: Represents love, connection, or a growing romantic interest.

🔥 Fire: Signifies attraction, passion, or intensity, adding a spark to your conversation.