8 Beautiful Girl Names Everyone Forgot About


Derived from the Latin ‘Amabilis’ meaning ‘lovable,’ Amabel possesses an antique charm often overlooked in Annabel’s favor. Amabel was popular in the Middle Ages and is waiting to be rediscovered by modern parents.


A French name meaning ‘lame; enclosure,’ Claudine had its peak in the 1940s. Although its usage has diminished, Claudine still gives off a robust and vintage vibe worthy of consideration. 


Greek in origin and meaning ‘well-spoken,’ Euphemia, or Effie for short, was common during the Victorian era. With its rich historical roots, this name is ripe for revival. 


While Floris might sound masculine, it’s a Dutch girl’s name meaning ‘flower.’ With its botanical connotations, Floris offers a unique twist on the floral name trend. 


With German roots and meaning ‘gray battle,’ Griselda might be considered old-fashioned, but its potential for the cute nickname ‘Zelda’ makes it a strong contender. 


A name with Celtic roots, Isolde was popularized by the tragic romance of Tristan and Isolde. Despite its sad story, Isolde, meaning ‘ice ruler,’ has a lyrical quality that’s hard to resist. 


An underused Greek name meaning ‘shining moon,’ Jocasta has a mythological background and a contemporary feel. Its rarity makes it a unique choice for a modern baby girl. 


A unique Cornish name meaning ‘love,’ Kerensa is often forgotten in favor of more common love-related names like Amour or Love. It’s a beautiful and unique name, ripe for discovery by those looking for something different. 

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