8 Best Copycat Recipes Anyone Can Cook

PF Chang’s Fried Rice 

There is nothing like fried rice from PF Changs! This copycat recipe has the sweet, Asian sauce you expect with plenty of veggies for an easy take-out fake out. 

Blooming Onion 

If you have been in the mood for a blooming onion, you will want to make this copycat recipe ASAP. It has Outback flavor in every crispy bite! 

Pasta Da Vinci 

This instant pot recipe cooks fast and easy! It tastes just like the popular option from the Cheesecake factory, with tender pasta, chunks of chicken, and the best garlic sauce! 

Cheddar’s Dijon Chicken 

Smother tender chicken breasts with Dijon mustard sauce for a restaurant-quality dinner at home. This tastes just like the popular option from Cheddar’s and is so easy to recreate on a busy night.  

Big Mac Sauce

Who could resist the flavor of iconic Big Mac sauce? This recipe is so easy to whip up at home to make your grilled burgers even better! 

Butter Burgers 

With this easy copycat, get the flavor of Culver’s iconic butter burgers whenever you want. It has two beef patties, bacon, cheese, and all the classic burger toppings for a juicy and filling meal. 

Popeye’s Cajun Fries

Give a little sprinkle of cajun flavor to your next batch of homemade fries. This recipe tastes just like the yummy side from Popeye’s but is so easy to make at home. 

Five Guys Cheese Veggie Sandwich 

Save a small fortune and get the flavor of Five Guys at home. This recipe is vegetarian and so tasty! It has grilled veggies and cheese for a filling meal option. 

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