8 Leftover Brisket Dishes

1. Brisket Burrito

Cheesy bean and rice burritos are a great cheap lunch, but adding leftover brisket is gold. Put fresh spice on that beef, cook it, and put it in the burrito.

2. Cottage Pie

If you name this "cottage" pie, you can use brisket instead of ground lamb. Mince it up with some gravy, add finely minced carrot and peas, and top with mashed potato.

3. Beef and Broccoli

American-Chinese takeout classic. This dish can be as simple as you desire if you have good ingredients.

4. Beef Brisket Stroganoff

It's a simple, inexpensive family dinner. Adding mushrooms and chopping the beef makes a tiny amount go further. To prevent dryness, only long enough to heat and mix.

5. Brisket Nacho

Here's a simple one. Load up your chips with your favorite toppings, heat up the brisket, and presto: you've got delicious nachos.

6. BBQ Brisket Slider

As we all know, brisket begs for BBQ sauce; just ask any of the many, many people that offered BBQ beef sliders. Simply shred and throw.

7. Brisket Cheesesteak

Sure, a cheesesteak might be finest with thinly sliced ribeye. But it's a huge world out there, and this recipe from The Meatwave with green chile queso looks delicious.

8. Brisket Fried Rice

If you have the ingredients, you can create this dish entirely from leftovers. Add leftover rice, veggies, and beef to a pan and you're done.