8 Makeup Rules You Should Know By The Time You’re 40

Step up your skincare

Keep skin moisturized and exfoliated. Not only will this help your makeup go on more evenly, it will also help fade fine lines, even out skin tone, and plump your skin, he says. 

Partner your foundation with your sunscreen 

"Women shouldn't have to choose between wearing sunscreen and having bright glowing skin," says Marcia Williams, beauty expert and owner of Embellish Beauty. 

Never skimp on primer

Primers are like the spackle you'd use when repainting a wall—they create a smooth base that ensures all makeup stays put and doesn't crack. 

Reinforce your concealer with moisture

When it comes to covering more mature skin, concealer benefits greatly from the assistance of added moisture. 

Avoid "long wear" labels

Foundation, concealers, and lipsticks intended for "long wear" typically contain matting ingredients that are dryer in texture.  

Apply blush in places it occurs naturally

Many women apply dark blush or bronzer beneath their cheekbones in the hopes of slimming their faces. 

Never let your lipstick migrate

Your natural lip line will begin to fade as you age, which makes lipstick more apt to bleed and feather. 

Always fill in sparse brows

Eyebrows become thinner due to natural hair loss as you age, so filling in sparse sections is an absolute must. 

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