8 Of The Pioneer Woman's Best & Most Comforting Recipe

Baked Ravioli 

Cheesy pillows of ravioli baked in a hearty homemade meat sauce will make everyone in the family feel warm and cozy from the inside out. 

Kicked-Up Tater Tot Hotdish 

Hotdish is a Midwestern comfort food classic, but Drummond finds a way to make it a little more exciting, adding diced red and poblano peppers, jalapeños, and pepper jack cheese on top to give the rich 

Spinach Artichoke Pasta 

Creamy spinach artichoke dip is a hearty appetizer, but it’s even better when turned into a comfort food pasta dish loaded with cheese and topped with crispy panko breadcrumbs. 

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes 

We always serve mashed potatoes alongside comfort food favorites like pot roast, roast beef, and roasted chicken. But these Instant Pot mashed potatoes are so tasty.

French Onion Chicken Casserole 

The casserole is layered with baguette slices, then gets topped with shredded gruyere cheese and Parmesan, just like the classic. 

Homemade Hamburger Helper 

We find ourselves craving this childhood favorite whenever the weather gets cold. But Hamburger Helper is even more delicious when you make it from scratch. 

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese 

Add pumpkin to the bechamel, along with plenty of fontina cheese and smoked gouda. Boxed mac and cheese could never. 

Chicken Parm Lasagna 

What’s better than chicken parm, and what’s better than lasagna? Chicken parm lasagna, of course. 

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