8 Things Locals Want Tourists to Stop Doing

Leaving Initials and Other Graffiti Behind

No one needs a permanent reminder of who was there or who loved whom. Leave the trees, bricks, and other vandalism-prone features as they are.

Trespassing on Private Property

It’s astonishing how often visitors decide to tour private property and even peek inside doors and windows.

Ignoring Warning Signs

When there are signs warning of unstable cliffs, dangerous currents, and other hazards, pay heed to them. Don’t be that person who gets stranded on the rocks when the tide comes in and needs a rescue that endangers the first responders.

Bothering Wildlife

Bears, buffalo, moose, and other large animals are dangerous and unpredictable. Every year, people get injured or killed while seeking photo ops next to these animals.

Feeding Wildlife

The local wildlife doesn’t need our help finding food. Human foods can be dangerous to them.

Stopping in the Middle of the Road

This creates jams, frustration, and accidents. If there’s no safe pullout to use, appreciate what you saw and hope there’s a pullout the next time.

Being Condescending to Locals

The locals are there to make a living. It’s their home. Please treat them with respect no matter how large the perceived difference is between their socioeconomic status and yours.

Leaving Trash Behind

Locals cannot stand when tourists come and then leave a mess. Always clean up after yourself.