9 Dangerous toys that could have killed you

Lawn Darts

These were large, heavy darts with sharp metal tips that were thrown toward a target. Due to their weight and pointy ends, they posed a serious risk of injury if they hit someone.


Also known as "click clacks" or "knockers," these toys consisted of two hard plastic balls attached to a string. By swinging the balls up and down, they would make a loud clacking sound. However, the hard plastic balls could shatter and cause eye injuries.

Water Wiggle

It was a water-filled toy with a long tube attached to a ball. By connecting it to a hose, the water pressure would cause the ball to move erratically. The toy had a potential danger of causing injuries due to the high-pressure water spray.

Sky Dancers

These were popular flying toys with spinning wings that were launched by a pull-string mechanism. However, there were incidents where the spinning wings caused eye injuries and other accidents.

Austin Magic Pistol

This toy resembled a cap gun but used a small flame to propel ping pong-like balls. It posed a fire hazard due to the open flame and the potential for burns or other accidents.

Gilbert Glassblowing Set

This toy allowed children to blow and shape glass objects using a blowpipe and a small furnace. The high temperatures involved in glassblowing posed a significant risk of burns and other injuries.

Easy-Bake Oven

The older versions of this toy featured a heating element that could cause burns if not handled properly. However, modern versions have been redesigned with improved safety features.

Aqua Dots

These craft beads were designed to be fused together with water. However, they were found to contain a chemical that, when ingested, metabolized into a powerful sedative. Ingesting the beads could lead to serious health complications.