9 Extremely Strange Cars

The Reliant Robin: This three-wheeled car is notorious for its tendency to tip over, and it gained popularity in the UK due to its peculiar design.

 The Peel P50: Known as the world's smallest car, this tiny vehicle has only one seat and is just big enough for a driver.

The Amphicar: This car can be driven on both land and water, making it a quirky hybrid vehicle.

The Scion xB: Although not as small as some on this list, the xB's boxy design and unique look set it apart from more conventional cars.

The Renault Twizy: This electric car has an open design with tandem seating, which makes it look like a futuristic golf cart.

The Nissan Juke: The Juke's distinctive front-end design gives it an almost insect-like appearance, making it stand out in the crowd.

The Smart Crossblade: With no roof, no doors, and no windshield, the Crossblade is a minimalist convertible that's certainly unique.

The Edsel Corsair: Produced in the late 1950s, this car is famous for its unusual "horse-collar" grille, which wasn't well-received by the public.