9 Foods From Other Countries That Americans Find Disgusting

Balut (Philippines)

A developing duck embryo boiled and eaten from the shell.

Durian (Southeast Asia)

A fruit known for its strong smell, often described as a combination of rotten onions and sweet custard.

Hakarl (Iceland)

Fermented shark meat with a pungent ammonia smell and strong, acquired taste.

Casu marzu (Sardinia, Italy)

A traditional cheese infested with live insect larvae.

Escamoles (Mexico)

The edible larvae of ants, often referred to as "insect caviar."

Hakarl (Iceland)

A type of cured shark that undergoes a fermentation process, resulting in a strong and ammonia-like smell.

Stinky tofu (East and Southeast Asia)

Fermented tofu with a strong odor that can be off-putting to some.

Natto (Japan)

Fermented soybeans with a sticky texture and a distinctive, strong flavor.