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9 Professions With the Most Unethical People, According to American

Some individuals may perceive politicians as engaging in unethical practices such as corruption, dishonesty, or lack of transparency.


The adversarial nature of the legal system and negative portrayals in popular media may contribute to the perception that some lawyers engage in unethical behavior.


The used car sales industry has a historical reputation for unethical sales practices, though it's important to note that not all professionals in this field engage in such behavior.

Used Car Salespeople

Due to the prevalence of scams and fraudulent telemarketing practices, some Americans may view telemarketers as engaging in unethical behavior.


Instances of financial fraud and mismanagement have led some individuals to view certain financial advisors as engaging in unethical practices.

Financial Advisors

While the majority of journalists adhere to professional ethics and standards, some Americans may perceive bias or sensationalism in media reporting, leading to the belief that some journalists engage in unethical behavior.


Negative perceptions of corporate executives can stem from scandals, corporate fraud, or unethical business practices exhibited by a few individuals in high-profile cases.

Corporate Executives

Some Americans may hold negative perceptions of real estate agents based on experiences of dishonesty, misleading information, or unethical practices in the industry.

Real Estate Agents