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9 Restaurants With Deals and Freebies for Halloween 

IHOP: Kids can enjoy a free Scary Face Pancake on Halloween day.

 Baskin-Robbins: Look out for their special Halloween ice cream flavors and promotions.

Krispy Kreme: Visit in costume, and you can get a free doughnut of your choice.

 Applebee's: They often have special Halloween-themed cocktails and appetizer deals.

Chipotle: The popular "Boorito" deal usually offers discounted burritos to customers in costume.

Sonic Drive-In: Enjoy corn dogs for just 50 cents each on Halloween.

Dunkin': Keep an eye out for their limited-time Halloween donuts and deals.

 Red Lobster: While not specifically Halloween-related, they often offer family meal deals and discounts on certain days.