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Dogs Give Off 5 Key Signs When They're Feeling Sad or Lonely

Whining or whimpering

Dogs often use whining or whimpering as a way to express distress or seek attention when they feel sad or lonely.

Excessive licking or grooming

If a dog becomes more focused on grooming themselves excessively, it could be a sign of anxiety or loneliness.

Lack of appetite

A sad or lonely dog may lose interest in their food and exhibit a decreased appetite.

Avoidance or hiding

Dogs may isolate themselves or seek hiding spots when they feel sad or lonely, avoiding interactions with their owners or other pets.


 A sad dog may appear lethargic and uninterested in activities they usually enjoy.

Changes in sleep patterns

Dogs may experience disruptions in their sleep, either sleeping more than usual or having trouble sleeping.

Destructive behavior

Loneliness or sadness can lead to destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture or belongings as a way to cope with their emotions.

Seeking constant attention

On the other hand, some dogs may seek excessive attention and affection from their owners when they feel sad or lonely.