Guidelines For Service Animals On Delta Flights

1. Types Of Service Animals

Delta allows service animals that are specifically trained to assist passengers with disabilities. These can include dogs, cats, and miniature horses.

2. Advanced Notification

Passengers traveling with service animals are encouraged to notify Delta at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight.

3. Documentation Requirements

Delta may require specific documentation or forms related to the service animal's health, vaccination records, or behavior. Ensure you have the necessary paperwork when traveling.

4. Health Requirements

Service animals should be in good health and must not pose a health or safety risk to other passengers. They should be properly vaccinated in accordance with local regulations.

5. Behavioral Expectations

Service animals should be well-behaved and trained to behave in public settings. They should not display aggressive behavior, excessive barking, or pose a threat to others.

6. Space Restrictions

Service animals are typically expected to sit on the floor in front of the passenger's seat. They should not occupy a seat or obstruct aisles unless necessary for the passenger's disability.

7. Restroom Use

Service animals are expected to avoid using the airplane's cabin for relief. Passengers should ensure their service animal relieves itself before boarding.

8. Leash Or Harness

 Service animals must be on a leash or harness at all times unless the passenger's disability prevents this or the use of a leash or harness interferes with the service animal's task.

9. Check-In Process

Passengers with service animals should check in at the airport counter to ensure all necessary documentation and requirements are met.

10. Service animal limits

Delta reserves the right to limit the number of service animals per passenger, especially if the animals could obstruct or compromise safety on the flight.

11. Flight Duration Considerationson

 For longer flights, passengers are encouraged to provide food and water for their service animals and take necessary measures for their comfort.

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