Mistakes Everyone Makes With Hash Browns

Not Removing Excess Moisture: Skipping the step of squeezing out excess moisture from grated potatoes leads to soggy hash browns.

Using the Wrong Potato: Choosing waxy potatoes instead of starchy ones results in hash browns with a less desirable texture.

Skipping the Soaking Step: Neglecting to soak grated potatoes to remove excess starch can lead to gummy hash browns.

Not Seasoning Adequately: Forgetting to add salt, pepper, and other seasonings results in bland hash browns.

Overcrowding the Pan: Putting too many hash browns in the pan at once leads to uneven cooking and sogginess.

Using Insufficient Oil: Not using enough oil prevents hash browns from achieving a crispy texture.

Impatience While Cooking: Flipping hash browns too early disrupts the formation of a golden-brown crust.

Flipping Too Frequently: Overflipping hash browns can prevent a proper crust from developing.