Southwest Airlines Planning To Add Red-Eye Flights

Southwest Airlines, the fourth-busiest airline in the United States, is currently contemplating the addition of red eyes to its schedule.

The airline would be proceeding in a "logical evolution." At this time, Southwest Airlines does not provide red-eye service. 

They offer benefits to customers who prefer to sleep undisturbed and prefer to rest. They are utilized during lengthy voyages that require a time change.

And it doesn't cost the airline much, with the possible exception of personnel overtime pay and the possibility of rearranging its flight schedule.

For us, this is a natural progression," Jordan stated. "We possess the aircraft; it's an excellent way to make more efficient use of an existing asset, thereby gaining additional hours in the day." We shall therefore perform red irises.

This could provide Southwest with an additional revenue stream at minimal expense to the airline.

Although deliberations are currently taking place regarding the inclusion of red-eye flights, a specific timeline for their execution has not been established.

Southwest will be among the airlines attempting to avert potential disruptions in the interim.

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