Thai Airways Selling Off Fleet Of Airbus A380 Planes

Economic and environmental causes are making the world's largest commercial airplane obsolete for many airlines. Airlines are finding it cheaper and more feasible to fly post-COVID-19.

Thai Airways has only six A380s and hasn't flown one since the outbreak.

 Not that the gear is outdated. The plane is 16 years old. The airline has carried almost 300 million passengers.

Cirium, an airline data research organization, reports that only 154 of the 250 made in the last 14 years remain. By year's end, the business expects to fly 77,000 flights with the plane, down from 120,000 in 2019. 

Airbus stopped making the A380 about three years ago. Airlines and customers loved flying with customisable interiors like stand-up bars and showers.

Its four engines were previously powerful, but now they waste fuel. 

In theory, the A380 should have been successful because it lowered the per-passenger cost

But that assumed all or most seats would be full. Airlines assumed demand would be there, but it wasn't.

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