The least popular dog breeds in America , according to data 

This large and intelligent breed is known for its excellent scent tracking abilities. However, due to its rarity and specialized purpose, it has remained less popular among dog owners.


Originating from Norway, this small spitz-type breed has unique characteristics, including extra toes and flexible joints. Its rarity and specific traits have contributed to its lower popularity.

Norwegian Lundehund

This breed is known for its distinctive golden liver coat and gentle nature. However, its low numbers and specialized hunting abilities have kept it from gaining widespread popularity.

Sussex Spaniel

With a distinctive appearance and a history as a working terrier, this breed is known for its long body, short legs, and unique topknot. Its limited numbers have contributed to its lower popularity.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Similar in appearance to a larger Beagle, the Harrier is a scent hound known for its hunting abilities. However, its specialized purpose and relatively low numbers have kept it from being widely popular.


This breed is characterized by its fox-like appearance, dense coat, and vocal nature. While it is the national dog of Finland, its lower popularity outside of its home country is attributed to its specific characteristics.

Finnish Spitz

Originating from Ireland, this terrier breed has a distinct appearance and a history of working on farms. Its rarity and specialized purpose have contributed to its lower popularity in the United States.

Glen of Imaal Terrier

This breed is known for its exceptional scent tracking skills and history in fox hunting. However, due to its large size and specialized purpose, it remains less popular compared to other breeds.

English Foxhound