The New Chevelle 70/SS: 7 Features Every Gearhead Wants

Big-Block V8 Engine - The heart of the Chevelle SS, a powerful V8 engine, is a must for gearheads.

Cowl-Induction Hood - This distinctive hood design enhances airflow and adds a classic look.

 Striping and Badging - Signature SS striping and emblems that make the Chevelle instantly recognizable.

Bucket Seats and Center Console - Adds a sporty and comfortable interior layout.

Four-Speed Manual Transmission - A manual gearbox for those who love to row their own gears.

SS Rally Wheels - The classic rally wheel design is a favorite among gearheads.

Positraction Rear Axle - Provides better traction and is essential for high-performance driving.

Upgraded Suspension - A stiffer and more responsive suspension for improved handling.