The Top 6 Best Haircuts For Straight Hair

1. Straight Layered Hair

Layers give straight hair volume and movement. Long, fine straight hair can seem lifeless.

Your hairdresser may give the appearance of thicker, bouncier hair that flatters your face by cutting layers.

2. Straight Hair with Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are ’90s-inspired! These items may generate several looks. Half-up, half-down hairstyles are great for straight hair.

You can add volume and look great by teasing the crown and adding clips. Straight hair is smoother and more slippery than curly hair, so teasing will help the clips "grip."

3. Urban Straight Ponytail

Urban ponytails blend a smooth, extra-long high ponytail with combed baby hair. 

Flat iron straight hair to reduce flyaways. Add extra-long extensions and glam makeup to stand out on the streets.

4. Blonde Goddess Braids

The many tones in blonde hair provide depth to braids of any sort. Goddess braids are also available with straight blonde hair.

Straight hair goddess braids are front-to-back French or Dutch braids. Due to straight hair breaking, they are not as tight or elevated as typical cornrows.

5. Undercut with Ponytail

An undercut is a daring style for straight-haired women. Undercuts with ponytails are excellent.

Your undercut is highlighted with a high pony. Add a scrunchie for a ’90s look or a transparent hair tie for a stylish "topknot" appearance.

6. Long Straight Hair with Layers

Layers may subtly enhance your facial shape with long, straight hair. They start above the chin and gradually lengthen, making round faces seem longer and more defined.

Layers that slope away from your face rather than curling in soften triangular faces. Layers will also thicken your long straight hair.