The Ugliest Shoes Ever Sold


The colourful and comfortable clogs associated with Crocs have become synonymous with what most envision as the quintessential “ugly shoe.”

Moon Boots

As is the case for many of the perceived ugly shoes we’ve encountered, there are always designers who see the beauty in something ugly.

High-heeled sneakers

Known for her boho-chic esthetic, Marant added the Beckett—a platform sneaker—to her collection around 2010 to mixed reviews.

Teva Sandals

Tevas have enjoyed riding the wave of the ugly shoe trend. They’re clunky, clumsy and feature unsightly polyester straps designed for comfort and foot support.

Vibram FiveFingers

You can’t discuss ugly shoes without mentioning Vibram FiveFingers. The futuristic footwear was “created with individual toe pockets” to simulate the barefoot experience.

Platform thong sandals

The early 2000s were responsible for many regrettable trends but fashion is cyclical and everything gets a second wind.

Ugg Boots

UGG fans may object to this awful shoe choice. Sheepskin boots were invented to keep toes warm after surfing, but they became a global footwear trend.

Gladiator Sandal Boots

The knee-high version of the gladiator sandal gained popularity for a short time but quickly fell out of favour.

Ugg furry slides

One look at the UGG furry slides and “tacky” immediately comes to mind. There’s simply no denying this shoe is another benefactor of the ugly shoe phenomenon.

Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps could arguably be classified as workout equipment more than shoes but they do go on your feet and they are definitely unsightly.

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