What Is Golden Child Syndrome? 10 Signs and How to Heal

Excessive Praise: The golden child receives constant praise and admiration from parents or caregivers

High Expectations: They are expected to excel in various areas without room for failure.

Favoritism: They may receive preferential treatment or privileges compared to other siblings.

Lack of Accountability: Mistakes or misbehavior by the golden child are often overlooked or excused.

Validation-Seeking Behavior: The golden child may seek validation and approval to maintain their status.

Envy from Siblings: Other siblings may feel envious, resentful, or neglected due to the attention given to the golden child.

Pressure to Conform: The golden child may feel pressured to meet parental expectations and conform to a certain image.

Identity Issues: They may struggle with identity formation outside of the role assigned to them within the family.