What Is Love Bombing? 8 Signs Your Partner Is Doing It to You

Excessive Attention: Your partner constantly showers you with attention, texts, calls, and gifts, often overwhelming you with their focus.

Quick Progression: The relationship progresses rapidly, with declarations of love, future plans, and commitment early on.

Intense Compliments: Your partner gives you constant compliments and praise, sometimes to an exaggerated degree.

Over-the-Top Gestures: They make grand gestures and extravagant displays of affection, such as expensive gifts or extravagant surprises.

Isolation Attempts: They may try to isolate you from friends, family, or other support networks, creating a sense of dependency.

Manipulative Behavior: Love bombers often use manipulation tactics, such as guilt-tripping or emotional blackmail.

Inconsistent Behavior: While they initially seem perfect and attentive, their behavior may become inconsistent over time.

Lack of Boundaries: Love bombers often disregard your boundaries or push them to see how much control they can exert over you.